PFM Usecase for an Existing User

Usecase of an existing User who has previously signed up with Onemoney Account Aggregator before accessing YONO.
The user journey is explained taking Onemoney AA as the Account Aggregator and SBI Yono as the FIU.
Assumption: The user had downloaded the Onemoney android mobile application, registered with Onemoney and linked his accounts.
In this journey from the Yono app, the customer enters his/her existing Onemoney ID that will result in the initiation of consent request for data sharing. An inter-app call will be made and the user will be redirected to Onemoney mobile app. The user will log in with his Onemoney account credentials and will approve the pending consent request. After approval of the Consent, the user will be redirected back to the Yono app, where the user will view the balance and transactions of his other bank accounts.

The user journey is illustrated below