Moneyone FinPro FIU Server

Moneyone FinPro FIU Server is an enabler or access point for FIUs to quickly onboard them to the AA ecosystem. It has two components, an FIU server that has a set of APIs, including a ready implementation of the AA APIs as specified by ReBIT. FIU server supports integration with all licensed AAs in the ecosystem in a dynamic and trusted manner. It has an administrator portal that allows the setup of consent parameters for a particular product mapped to a specific purpose. The admin portal displays the list and status of all Consent requests, notifications and data requests for monitoring.
FinPro API Sandbox -


The FIU server and data governance features include the following -

  • Place the Consent request.
  • Store Consent artefact.
  • Place encrypted data request (One time or Periodic).
  • Send/Receive Notifications to and from the account aggregator.
  • Fetch encrypted financial information from the account aggregator.
  • Decrypt financial information.
  • Provides SDK with widgets of account aggregator education screen, account aggregator list, view balance and transactions.

The FinPro admin portal features include the following -

  • Account aggregator Management.
  • Central Registry Management.
  • User Management.
  • Lists Consent requests with status.
  • List data requests with status
  • FI Fetch notifications.
  • MIS reports.


  • The ready availability of AA APIs as specified by ReBIT.
  • It is interoperable and supports integration with any account aggregator so no need for financial information users (FIUs) to integrate independently with other AAs.
  • It provides an SDK with widgets that can be white-labeled and embedded with FIU applications.
  • Enabled with encryption/decryption mechanism as per Diffie Hellman Key Exchange standards.
  • Automatically places Consent requests and data requests on behalf of FIUs.
  • Stores consent artefact with the latest consent status and fetched data.


To enable the FIUs to be compliant with the personal data protection bill that will soon become law, the roadmap of FinPro includes data governance functions.
Some of the features of data governance functions include the following -

  • Purge/archive data once the data storage period expires.
  • Anonymization of archived data.
  • Pseudonymization of archived data.
  • Data access dashboard.
  • Purpose limitations of trust.
  • Preference management system.