FinTech Products and Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Moneyone is a platform owned by FinTech Products and Solutions India Pvt Ltd (FinTech). The Moneyone platform comprises two products, FinShare and FinPro, which offer a comprehensive Data Value Management platform (including data access, data governance and data analytics support) to participants in the Account Aggregator ecosystem. FinShare is meant for secure, reliable sharing of data while FinPro offers APIs for consumption of external data for service providers in the areas of Digital lending, PFM, Wealth Management and Robo-advisory domains.

Product Portfolio

Moneyone FinPro FIU Server
An FIU Server compliant with RBI's Account Aggregator Technical Standards

  • Moneyone FinPro FIU Server is a recipient of the Financial Information from all the AAs it is connected to.
  • The Moneyone FinPro FIU server needs to maintain the Customer’s financial information provided to it securely in compliance with terms of the consent granted by the Customer.

Moneyone FinShare FIP Gateway
An FIP Gateway compliant with ReBIT specifications

  • Moneyone FinShare FIP Gateway helps Financial Information Providers (FIPs) implement the functionality to maintain accounts of customers, account discovering and linking, enable querying of financial information based on an explicit digitally signed consent artefact in a speedy and complaint manner.
  • The Moneyone FinShare FIP Gateway provides a ready implementation of the latest FIP API specifications published by ReBIT.
  • The Moneyone FinShare FIP Gateway allows an FIP to support integration with all authorized Account Aggregators in the ecosystem in a dynamic, yet trusted manner.