Moneyone FinShare FIP Gateway: Integration Details and Infrastructure Requirements


  • Implement FIP APIs (build versus buy decision).
  • Determine connectivity issues for any AA to connect to FIP gateway.
  • Complete handshake between FIP gateway and internal APIs which includes data schema compliance and security parameters.
  • Determine the availability of APIs across different financial information types such as CASA, FD/RD, Credit card, etc.

The integration requirements from a FIP include the following -

  • Deployment of FinShare API gateway in private cloud of FIP or on-premise.

  • FIP to share the following information and APIs:

    • An identifier with which the FIP identifies a customer’s account. It could be a mobile number, account number, customer relationship number, etc.

    • API to fetch masked account numbers.

    • Send OTP API for account linking.

    • Validate OTP API for account linking.

    • APIs to fetch account profile, balance and transactions.

  • Integration of FinShare API gateway with internal APIs of FIP.

  • Whitelisting of static IP for establishing connectivity between Onemoney’s account aggregator server and FinShare API gateway.