Moneyone FinShare FIP Gateway

Moneyone FinShare is an API gateway for financial information providers (FIPs). It has two components, a FIP server with the ready implementation of financial information provider APIs as specified by ReBIT and an administrator portal which has the list of all linked accounts along with its status, Consent requests along with their status and data requests for monitoring.
Finshare API Sandbox -


The FinShare API gateway server features include the following -

  • Supports integration with any authorized account aggregator.
  • Integrates with internal APIs of financial information provider’s (FIPs) core systems.
  • Converts fetched data into a standard format as per schema defined by ReBIT.
  • Encrypts the financial information data.
  • Shares data with account aggregator based on explicit digitally signed consent artefact.
  • Maintains the latest status of linked accounts.
  • Maintains the latest status of Consents.

The FinShare admin portal features include the following -

  • Account aggregator Management.
  • User Management.
  • Lists discovered accounts.
  • Lists linked accounts with status.
  • Lists Consent artefact with status.
  • Lists Data requests.


  • The ready availability of financial information provider (APIs) as specified by ReBIT.
  • It is interoperable and supports integration with any account aggregator, so financial information providers (FIPs) don’t need to integrate independently with other account aggregators.
  • Enabled with transformation mechanism to transform data fetched from any financial information providers (FIPs) into standard format specified by ReBIT for each financial information type.
  • Enabled with encryption mechanism as per Diffie Hellman Key exchange standards for sharing data.


To enable the financial information providers (FIPs) to be compliant with personal data protection bill which will soon become a law the roadmap of FinShare includes data governance functions.
Some of the features of data governance functions include the following –

  • Data mapping enablement.
  • Data access dashboard.